January 2019 | Swiss-Expo 2019

Swiss Expo 2019 – Montbéliard Show
The Great Champion is a GEDEON JB daughter

65 cows, from France and Switzerland, were at Lausanne for the Montbeliarde Show during Swiss Expo.

Gitane, daughter of Gedeon jb/Ufuk jb, is on her 4th lactation and belong to Michel Chaubert. She just calved on December 20 and had produced 7,384 kg of milk with 3.62 Fat and 3.24 Protein in 282 days.

Praz-Tecot Cargo Californie, daughter of Cargo/Valfin jb/Skippy jb is the Great Champion Reserve and the Udder Champion.  She belongs to Pierre Guignard and she is used as a bull dam in Jura-Betail selection program. She has been classified TB85 and had produced on her 1st lactation 9,029 kg of milk with 3.52 Fat and 3.41 Protein in 305 days.

Photo 1: Montbeliarde show
Photo 2: The Great Champion, Gitane (in the foreground) and the Reserve Champion, Praz-Tecot Cargo Californie

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